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update log

6/26/2023 - diary page added again. will try to actually use it this time

6/24/2023 - general updates, new about page, new art page

6/22/2023 - redid landing page + new button

5/12/2023 - got rid of journal page bc i never use it lol

5/7/2023 - redid about page

4/25/2023 - graphics page added

4/24/2023 - updated art page

4/19/2023 - back to the old landing page!

4/17/2023 - updated the art page

4/7/2023 - updates

4/1/2023 - added the tomodachi life log and journal pages

3/28/2023 - complete overhaul of the main page! it isnt as cool anymore but at least i can update it consistently now.

3/14/2023 - been a while, hasnt it? updated the art page!

2/3/2023 - general updates

2/1/2023 - pokemon shrines finished! (for now)

1/30/2023 - shrines (again)

1/29/2023 - shrines

1/28/2023 - shrines, general updates

1/27/2023 - about page, general updates

1/26/2023 - site created!

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im paul and welcome to the battle tree! named after and based upon the pokemon battle facility of the same name, this site is where i log my thoughts, feelings, art and just things in general, really.

this site was built at 2560 x 1440. it might look janky at smaller resolutions. and, for the love of god almighty, DO NOT VIEW ON MOBILE

btw: scrollbars are hidden! use touch gestures if on a laptop

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